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Make impossible recovery of files and folders which were deleted
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Unfortunately, not all computer users are aware of the fact that, when deleting a file or folder from the hard drive, there's a big chance that most of the removed data can still be restored. Unauthorized users can recover and access the deleted files. Programs like Prevent Restore help you solve this issue with only a few clicks.

Browsing the Internet, you can find a wide range of applications that help you restore deleted files even when they were removed from Recycle Bin. Prevent Restore uses advanced security algorithms that help you avoid any file recovery attempt.

Its wizard-like interface helps both novices and professionals to easily prevent other users from restoring deleted files. Step by step, you can configure its simple settings and opt for the proper security algorithm.

There's a very good reason for why this application only allows you to select entire drives and not folders: it is necessary to overwrite the available free space with random information so that no user can recover the deleted files. But not to worry, as soon as the program finishes its job, the free space is back to its previous state.

The only issue I have with this application is that, in order to get Prevent Restore run at its full potential, I have to upgrade to Pro version. As for the rest, the program does an incredible job in making sure no deleted file is accessible for recovery.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Comes with an easy-to-use wizard interface
  • Simple to configure settings
  • Also works with dozens of removable storage devices


  • You need to upgrade the program to Pro version in order to make the application run at its full potential
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